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Today's Article

Victoria Mortgage Brokers - A Brief Overview

Of How A Great Mortgage Broker Can Help You

The world of mortgages products and lending packages can be a very stressful one indeed, especially when you factor in how important these decisions are going to be in your life. Trying to acquire a home loan that fits your finances perfectly is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do, and most people just aren’t in a position to get this done by themselves. Luckily, no one has to. A mortgage broker can really be your best friend when you are looking for more help acquiring a new loan. The following are a few ways that a broker proves indispensable.


Timely Advice


One great thing that a broker provides is helpful advice, every step of the way. The first thing that you’ll sit down and discuss with your broker is the financial situation that you’re in. From there, the broker can give you all kinds of information that is uniquely applicable to you, and can enable you to gain a much greater understanding of what the terms of a home loan actually are. If this entire financial sector, with all of its complicated terminology, is one that causes you some confusion, a broker can be the one who demystifies the entire industry and gives you the power to choose a great lending package.


Access To Lenders and Lending Packages


Trying to talk to lenders on your own can be difficult. Most of the time you’re met with a salesperson who aggressively pitches their loan, where all you were looking for in the first place was a little information or an application. When you work with a broker you not only extend your reach and enable yourself to access more lenders and more mortgage products, you also put yourself in a position where you don’t have to receive the sales pitches of banks and credit unions as you gather possible mortgages. Your broker is your intermediary.

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Handles All Paperwork And Applications


Finally, if the prospect of sifting through mountains of paperwork doesn’t exactly appeal to you, than a broker is definitely someone you want on your case. With a broker you don’t have to worry about the difficult and arduous task of filling in applications, as they take care of the majority of this work for you. They’ll also format your application in such a way that makes it much more likely for a bank to approve you, and will put you on the fast-track to acquiring the perfect home loan to meet your needs.


If you’re looking for Victoria mortgage brokers but are concerned about finding the right one to work with, don’t be. We are a team of excellent Victoria mortgage brokers and we would be thrilled to help you in any way that we can. Contact us now for more information or call to book an appointment with a broker today.

Ken Styles



Mortgage Broker

Reg #: X023937


Reg #: 080534 MSB

My name is Ken W. Styles. I believe that I am well qualified to represent you to arrange the mortgage financing you need. I have spent the last 22 years arranging thousands of mortgages for Canadians to purchase homes, refinance personal debt, start a business, build something etc.


Why we are different


Our goal is to put you in the financial driver’s seat. We like to start with a budget review. If you don’t currently have a budget so that you will know what your discretionary income is after your mortgage payment, we will help you set that up. Then we use our proprietary software to demonstrate to you how you may well save thousands of dollars by implementing strategies to pay off debt faster. Then we can arrange a mortgage that is tailored to your needs. We offer group pricing on legal fees; special realtor packages; and even commercial pricing on appliances, furniture and electronics.


Corporate Contracts


I provided the mortgage brokerage work for the team that was chosen by the Treasury Board of the Government of Canada, to work with Federal government employees being transferred from the Province of B.C. That includes the RCMP, DND, and all other federal agencies. Our job, as it would be for you, was to arrange the best possible mortgage depending on the client’s particular situation.


Private Lending


I was a director of a privately owned mortgage investment company for eight years. I continue to personally lend for a large number of individuals that use mortgage investing as part of their retirement strategy.


Construction Lending


I have financed everything from congregate care facilities to single family home construction. I am very familiar with the construction process and the problems that can be associated with ensuring that the borrower, the builder and the lender all have the same expectations for draw schedule timing. I have personally done the project management for 28 single family homes which gives me a definite advantage when discussing draw schedule requirements.

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